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Kangana’s ‘special appearance’ in Kites

This time I’m with Kangana baby. The actress is angry for all the right reasons. Well, who wouldn’t be if the ‘other girl’ is getting all the attention. Confused? Lemme explain. The other day I was at the beauty salon doing my French manicure when a little birdie dropped the bomb. I simply couldn’t believe my ears.

Apparently Kangana is so upset with the Roshans that she wants her name taken out of the main credit list of Kites (which also stars Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori) and put under the ‘special appearance’ category.

As it is Barbara has been hogging the limelight (splashing her itsy-bitsy clothes) ever since the film had gone on the floors.

And the Roshans’ have made no effort to even give her due weightage in the promos of Kites. So far Kangana has held her chin high and took it in her stride.

Well done Kangana for being such a sport.


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